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Linux being adopted successfully by thousands of companies have a need for Linux Server administration but cannot justify the high cost of a full-time Linux System Administrator.

To ensure maximum uptime, you have to proactively monitor your systems around the clock to detect any anomalies that might indicate an imminent problem. You also have to do routine upgrades, system tweaking and maintenance. Not every company has the luxury of IT staff they can dedicate to these tasks. And those that do would prefer to have their IT professionals doing more productive work like application development.

The owners of small to medium enterprises have to pay heavy charges to the Server administrator for jobs like installing, upgrading any application/ package. Unavailability of such administrator when required is a common scenario.

A qualified administrator is of no less importance as quality hardware or reliable software. What’s more, a good administrator will manage to ‘squeeze’ the most possible performance from both hardware and software, smooth away their imperfections, prevent most failures

Our remote Linux Remote server administration service plans includes the Remote Server’s Installations of packages, Enhancing the performance of the running servers by fine tuning the running services and software applications. Deployment of Java environments, Mailing servers, Web Servers, Web Administration Interface installations, Automation of redundant periodic tasks.

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Performance tuning

Our experience shows that such simple thing as correct configuration and setting aimed at the Client’s specific needs boosts server performance, helps use its resource most efficiently. Our administrators do know how to deal with high-loaded servers and systems. For every project they carry out optimization at all levels, from web app to system kernel and web stack, lowering the risk of failure due to peak load.

Proactive monitoring

Monitoring is performed round-the-clock, with check interval starting from 60 seconds. It helps to detect the slightest signs of a problem which is going to occur, so appropriate measures can be taken in advance. You will be instantly notified about the incident in a way you specify – by email, or jabber, or phone.

Security services and Backups and data recovery

Server hardning and regular backup is an only measure that ensures that your data will never be lost irretrievably. The one who neglects backup completely or performs it irregularly, faces a risk of losing valuable data due to his own carelessness.

24/7 support

Our support team works round-o-clock to help you deal with any problem that might arise.

Full Server Administration

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24/7 Server Monitoring

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Initial Server Security

Typical server administration issues we deal with:

  • web server administration and optimization (Apache, lighttpd,nginx, etc.)
  • Amazon Web Services(AWS)
  • DNS server administration (BIND, PowerDNS)
  • mail server setup and tuning, protection against spam and malware (Sendmail, Exim, Postfix)
  • database server setup and administration (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB)
  • load balancing setup for high-loaded systems, cluster solutions based on Pacemaker/Corosync, DRBD and cluster file systems
  • security audit, custom security measures and server-side firewall solutions
  • backup solutions and data recovery